ATV and Motorcycle Spare Fuel Can

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Why is my fuel can not vented?

Fuel always produces fumes until a equilibrium between temperature and pressure is reached.

This is similar to a soda bottle where you don't see gas bubbles when a certain pressure in the bottle is present. If you release the pressure the gas will disappear until your soda is flat, or in case of the fuel can, the fuel is gone.

The first fumes that are created (already in lower temperatures) are the ones that are most flammable. You might have heard or experienced that fuel can go "bad" if the bike is parked for a long time. This is because the fuel tank of your bike is vented and the highly flammable parts of the fuel disappeared while the bike was parked. The remaining fuel is not as flammable as the original mix and might not be flammable enough to start your bike.

Where fumes can go out fine dust and humidity can come in, especially if warm, expanded fuel cools off and contracts. You certainly don't want to pour dust and water in the fuel system of your bike!

Yes, the fuel can might get a little "round" in the sun in summer, but the can is designed and tested to withstand the internal pressure.

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