Honda - VIN - Vehicle Identification Number
Honda - Chassis Number

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From 1979 to 1995  Honda had a 11-digit VIN

e.g. RD023600883
R: cc (A=up to 50, D=up to 70, H=up to 80, J=up to 125, K=up to 150, M=up to 250, N=up to 400, P=up to 600, R=up to 800, S=up to 800)
D: type of motorcycle (B=kids bike/ATC, C=Street, D=Enduro, E=OHV/Offroad bike - not street legal, F=Scooter)
02: internal production number (here NX650 Dominator)
3: version
6: series
00883: serial number

From 1996 on Honda has a 17-digit VIN

e.g. JH2RD07ABTM000992 or JH2RD07A1YM417129
JH2: country of production (JH2=WMI Honda Japan, 1HF=Honda America, ZDC=Honda Italy, VTM=Montesa/Honda Spain)
RD07A: type (here Africa Twin)
B: version
1: control number (1-9 or X)
T: year (T=1996, V=1997, W=1998, X=1999, Y=2000, 1=2001 ... 6=2006)
M: factory (M=Hamamatsu/Japan, K=Kumamoto/Japan, A=Ohio/USA, F=Atessa/Italy, E=Barcelona/Spain
000992: serial number

Source: Motorrad Spezial 2006, Gebrauchtkauf


differences between a Honda Africa Twin RD07 and a RD07A



- at a RD07A the front mask is fixed with only one screw (in the middle above the headlights)

- at a RD07A both headlights have the normal light and the high beam (but with a RD07 the previous owner could have changed that)

- at a RD07A the rear suspension is not adjustable anymore (this is ofcourse only true, if the original suspension is still in the bike)

- at a  RD07A there is no  additional air pressure for the front suspension anymore (little valves or hoses)

- but the best info you still get from the VIN-Number


select your model by the color

 RD03  1988-1989  XRV 650    
RD04  1990  XRV 750  
 RD04  1991  XRV 750  
RD04  1992  XRV 750
RD07  1993  XRV 750
RD07  1994  XRV 750
RD07  1995  XRV 750
RD07A  1996  XRV 750
RD07A  1997  XRV 750
RD07A  1998  XRV 750
RD07A  1999  XRV 750
RD07A  2000-2003  XRV 750  

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