Dashboard for Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin  

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The dashboard attaches the same way for all models (with just two wood screws).

Nothing has to be removed or changed on the motorcycle for attaching the dashboard. The foam around the instruments stays where it is too. The foam prevents the dashboard from rattling, and also keeps the instruments from standing out too far, which doesn't look nice.

The two screws fix the dashboard securely, even when riding on bad roads or off road. It has worked with mine for more then 80,000 km.

The wood screws are screwed through the two small holes in the dashboard into the plastic plugs below (8). Affix the screw a little off center into the plug, so that you don't damage the pin in the middle. You also should avoid turning the plug (drilling a little hole before might help).

If the plug does tear off, that still is not a problem! The plugs are there only to hold the foam (11/14). Just use a long metric screw: put it from the top through the entire instrument block, then fix it from below with a self-locking nut and a washer.

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