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Adventure Pannier Table

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Adventure Pannier Table
- creates a large table for coocking and eating
- 3 mm (1/8") thick plywood
- both sides clear coated for easy cleaning
- only 380 grams (13.5 ounces), about 1/3 of the weight of aluminum with
  similar strength

- uses nearly no space in the pannier at all
- no complicated setup needed; set the panniers on the ground, then put the
  board over the loops -- done

You ask where to sit? You can sit 
on your travel buddy's panniers, on your sleeping pad, on your top case, on a camping chair, or on the ground. The table is large enough to dine with at least two people.

This pannier table is made to fit our panniers and will likely not work with panniers of other manufacturers.
Adventure Pannier Table Adventure pannier table Adventure Pannier TableAdventure Pannier Table Availability: In Stock

$29.99 + S&H
Free shippng if ordered with panniers
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