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Pannier Liner Bags

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Pannier Liner Bags
Our Pannier Liner Bags are designed to fit either our 33, 40, or our 47 liters panniers. These durable bags are made of water resistant 1000 Denier Cordura and are Made in USA.

Why use Pannier Liner Bags?
Because it's so easy to take the Pannier Liner Bags out of your panniers and carry them into your tent or motel room and then have everything you need, right there ready for access. Without Pannier Liner Bags, you will fish for items in your panniers or in several small bags. It also makes packing in the morning oh-so-easy.

Also available in custom sizes for panniers of other manufacturers. Please contact us for a quote.
Pannier Liner Bags Pannier Liner Bags Pannier Liner Bags Pannier Liner Bags Pannier Liner Bags Availability: 33L Sold Out, 40L Sold Out

33 Liters or 40 Liters
+ S&H
Only $2.99 shipping if ordered with panniers
shop (at) coyotetrips (dot) com

1 Pannier Liner 33L  
2 Pannier Liners 33L
1 Pannier Liner 40L  
2 Pannier Liners 40L